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Jun 29, 2020

Nayan Kessee is a hip hop artist from Inglewood,CA. After going to prison for armed robbery, assault, and possession for sales of a controlled substance, he spent 10 years incarcerated. From the age of 18-28, he earned 3 associates degrees while incarcerated, and got accepted into CSULA before paroling. While locked up, the entrepreneur wrote several business plans including one for a start up record label. Upon release he would link up with friends from the neighborhood, and start the hip hop label Topside. Topside was already a strong movement on the streets, representing the Topside of Inglewood. After dropping 2 solo projects, and one collaboration project with Topsider Kato Polo. Nayan Kessee’s new project, “ If It Wasn’t For Me” is an instant classic. With production from Grammy winning producers DJ Mustard, Boi 1da, super producer Don Cannon, and Inglewood natives DJ Wes, and Noiz, this project is a reflection of the Topside. Losing 2 cousins in the same house he grew up in to life sentences, Nayan Kessee has to make the transition from the pen to the university, to the music industry.

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