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Sep 26, 2021

Heads up! Garrett's kid was having a hard time going to sleep while we were filming. You will hear him in the background. It's not nearly as bad as the music in Larry's interview. 

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Garrett Breaks down what its like for white guys in the State and Federal System.


Born into a family of Marines, you’d think that he’d be living a dream life. But that’s not how things went for Garrett. Introduced to alcohol and drugs at a young age, he left home and joined a gang.

On his 19th birthday, he recalls himself going to Arizona to meet a friend:

“Hey Bro, your birthday present is under a magazine on the coffee table. And uh… There’s not a lot of stuff that gets under a magazine on the coffee table.. I thought it was money, honestly, and I lifted it up, (there was) a little line (of white powder).

Ok dude. I thought alright cool, we’re gonna do a little bit of coke, we’re gonna get drunk, we’re gonna get in trouble… And I snorted it, man, definitely not cocaine, you know what I mean. It burned way bad. Introduction to meth and I was instantly hooked.”

His life turned from being a Beer Nazi living with one of the toughest gangs in the state of California to a complete drug addict. He found himself in and out of jail like a cycle.

Weighing in at 140 pounds in 2015, he was jaundiced and could barely walk. He knew he was dying and he was still shooting dope in his arm. It was then he found out that he contracted Hepatitis B, C, and E.

He was told, “You’ve got 6 months more to live so make the most of it.”

After hearing those words, it was his ‘AHA’ moment. He went back to jail and told himself he wanted to die high. A previous inmate came back to the yard looking healthy compared to the time he left where he was desperate to get some dope. But this time, he brought the BIG BOOK.

With just one reading, Garrett gave his money, his dope, and every drug paraphernalia he had on him and wanted to start living sober. Find out what happened to Garrett and how he dealt with getting clean while battling a deadly disease.


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