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Jan 27, 2020

In 1999, Sean started Gunby Consulting Tax Services from zero and eventually grew that business to over 1,300 clients in 17 different states earning over $300,000+ per tax season. Put that together with his real estate brokerage company and his property management business where he invested in real estate projects for himself, Sean enjoyed a $400k+ year income and became a millionaire at age 40. However, Sean allowed money and greed to infect his mind and spirit, he became reckless and was indicted by the Feds on a “white collar” beef related to his tax business. He plead guilty and served 15 months, 15 days and 19 hours in FCI Morgantown, Morgantown West Virginia (The Feds). In federal prison, Sean “assassinated” his old self and rebuilt himself anew. He says he earned his Ph.D. in the Feds due to the amount of study he did while there. Today, Sean has authored 2 books (aSTIGMAtism In My Soul), both on, and is working on a 3rd. He owns and operates his own window cleaning business and trades his own account as an Options Trader. Sean is also a single father to a 8 year old son.