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Mar 2, 2020

Dr. Lanier just completed a major liquidity event where he sold Kids Dental Kare 100% to Western Dental with the assistance of Investment Bankers, Synergy Advisors. He is now a mentor and advisor on how to Exit Rich $$. Jerry Lanier, DDS is founder and previous owner of Kids Dental Kare a leading provider of pediatric dental services to the Medicaid population through it's 14 location. After selling his business through an Investment Banking transaction to an industry strategic partner.

Dr. Lanier has now begun mentoring through his new company and promoting a book "The Entrepreneur Dentist- How to Exit you Dental Business Rich." He is also leveraging his experience for another platform "Turn Key Dental Offices Properties or TKO Properties. The goal is to provide access to more kids in California than ever before seen. He thinks he has cracked the code as to how to provide affordable care to the underserved while still incentivizing the dentist while lowering their risk of failure. As a former U.S. Public Health Service dentist his goals are still aligned with what they were many years ago while serving in the Saint Thomas housing projects of New Orleans, La. The goal now is to solve California's dilemma first and "as go California, so goes the nation." If we can help dentist "Be in business for yourself but not by yourself," we have done our part. We want to provide experience and expertise along with a plan that is based on a Business Franchise Format. We are not trying to form a franchise but to use the technology that allows franchises to out perform all other small business concepts. 


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