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Apr 17, 2022

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For this series on Fresh Out x East Coast,
So Rich interviews Professor Terrence Coffie with young men from the Non-Profit Organization, STRONG Youth Inc.  in attendance! 
After spending 19 years in and out of prison cells, Terrence Coffie transformed his life to become a Professor at New York University and an authority on criminal justice reform & re-entry among other topics. As the Lead Intervention Counselor for S.T.R.O.N.G Youth*, So Rich is one of the hardest working youth mentors & credible messengers in New York. As such, he works with over 50 gang and street involved youth to challenge destructive mind frames that stem from street life and can often lead to prison or death. In this series,Professor Terrence Coffie shares his story with the youth in a dynamic & POWERFUL way, followed by questions and dialogue between all in attendance. Professor Coffie gets real, raw, and vulnerable, as he empowers, enlightens, and educates these young kings!
Professor Coffie is:
(1)the Founder of the Social Justice Network 
(2)the host of “Coffie Time” Podcast on Spotify, Manhattan Neighborhood Network, & the Social Justice network 
(3) An Educator with NYU Prison Education Program, as well as Adjunct Lecturer at New York University 
(4). Member of New York University Dean's Selection Committee
(5) Motivational Speaker with Bureau Of Prison 
He is also currently in the process of producing the documentary​ ​Caged Roses​, ​which focuses on the juvenile justice system in America​.
Follow Terrence Coffie on Instagram: @terrencecoffie 
*STRONG Youth Inc. is a youth, family, and community development organization that specializes in youth gang and gun violence.
Instagram: @strongyouthLi
FB - Terrence Coffie
LinkedIn - Terrence Coffie
Twitter- Terrance Coffie 
Social Justice Network Twitter:  @SocialJustice21


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