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Mar 14, 2021

So Rich -the owner of So Rich Entertainment LLC - is a music artist, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, clothing designer, and educator of the youth who recently served an eleven year sentence, came home and created a positive life for himself through dedication, education, and an immovable belief in himself and his vision. His name emphasizes the point that we, as people, are “So Rich” in many different areas aside from just having money. For example, we are “So Rich in health, family, love, determination, and loyalty, to name a few. He currently hosts a freestyle cypher show on YOUTUBE named “For My City” where he creates and participates in a rap cypher with the hottest artists from city to city. Shop, subscribe, and Follow him on:

Website: https://www.EverythingSoRich.Com

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ClubHouse: SoRich Tv


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