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Oct 13, 2020

Growing up in Miami in the 1980s, Anthony Caucci learned early on that things weren’t always what they seemed. Some of his earliest memories were doing the rounds of local Mob bars with his father, collecting tips from wise guys, keeping track of the sports bets, and learning how the Mafia operated. It didn’t take long before Caucci was ready to step out on his own—and there was plenty of opportunity in the fast-paced, cocaine-fueled underworld of South Florida’s organized crime families. Caucci quickly established himself as one of the savviest players in the world’s most dangerous game. Before he could legally buy a drink, he was doing business with the Colombian Cartel, smuggling cocaine into the United States and building his own empire, all while outwitting the police, working his connections with the Mafia, and making more money than he could spend. When he got too big, the feds vowed to bring him down, no matter what it took. They leaned on his friends and family, followed him day and night, and broke any law that stood in their way. But with a cool head and powerful contacts, Caucci stayed just one step ahead. After yet another narrow escape—this time with 50 kilos in his trunk—Caucci knew his time was up…and you’ll never believe what he did.

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